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Circadian Modelling

Welcome to the Circadian Modelling homepage. This site is aimed at providing support, news and updates for those using our Circadian Modelling software.

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Downloading. Click here, or go to Sourceforge.net. Note that some versions of Windows give several apparent error messages during installation - these are not critical, see installation PDF.

Available Models. If you have Circadian Modelling and want new models, click here.

Please email Paul Brown (p.e.brown[at]warwick.ac.uk) if you have problems downloading.

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What is Circadian Modelling?

Screenshots are available in our on-line tutorial.

Mathematical modelling provides an invaluable tool for understanding complex systems such as the circadian clock. There are now published models for a number of different organisms. However, despite this enormous potential, the usefulness of modelling to the wider biological community is under exploited due to apparent inaccessibility to non-mathematicians, in particular the difficulties involved for a researcher in modifying someone else's published simulations to suit their own particular research interest. We have attempted to rectify this problem and bridge the gap between theoretical and experimental biology by developing Circadian Modelling,  a flexible, user-friendly software interface for running simulations. It is aimed primarily at experimental biologists who wish to use modelling to rapidly simulate their own chosen phenotypes and experimental protocols.

The models themselves are separate from the user interface. Once Circadian Modelling is installed, a range of published models can be downloaded from our website. These are then presented to the user in a biologically relevant way. The user can easily specify the necessary biological parameters, controlling both phenotype and the experimental protocol. Modules allow the automated simulation of common circadian experimental protocols, such as PRCs, with just a few clicks of the mouse. Results are presented in the form of a Microsoft Excel workbook, thus the full power of Excel is available to further analyse the data.

Our principle aim is that users will be able easily ‘fine-tune’ simulations to suit their particular experimental interests. Published models can be altered in any way the user wishes, and subject to any experimental protocol that is required. In addition, we hope that the capability of our software to visualise changing levels of gene expression will prove useful in the teaching of circadian biology.

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We welcome any feedback. Please use the form below to send us your comments, suggestions, or any questions about Circadian Modelling





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Other Software Tools

Our Colleagues Boris Shulgin and David Rand in the Mathematics Institute have developed Circadian Watch, a set of analytical tools for Matlab users allowing powerful mathematical analysis of clock models.

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Software on this site is provided free of charge for academic research without guarantees or support either explicit or implied.

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