!! This is the archived website of Professor Andrew J. Millar's research group at the University of Edinburgh (to 2017) !!

Current work is linked from here: http://www.amillar.org

Shulgin IRCs

Millar lab software download page

Note - some of our software is available from multiple sources and you may find a public repository such as Sourceforge more convenient than our web site.

Information on our mathematical models is available on the Models page.

Current resources:

bulletBioDare2 for rhythm analysis and visualisation, all online and self-service. 2017-. Contact: biodare [@] ed.ac.uk
bulletBioDare for Open Data sharing, rhythm analysis and visualisation, with detailed experiment description offline. 2009-. Contact: biodare [@] ed.ac.uk
bulletPlaSMo model repository. Contact: Andrew Millar
bulletSBSI model optimisation system, developed during the CSBE project. SBSI Sourceforge project. Contact: Andrew Millar.
bulletqPMerge: Galaxy workflow for proteomics (especially phosphoproteomics) peptide merging, from Hindle et al. bioRxiv 2016.


Legacy software, some available:

bullet BRASS - MS ExcelTM interface for estimation of rhythmic properties from experimental time-series, using either FFT-NLLS or mFourfit algorithms. Developed by Paul E. Brown and others, 2002-2010. Replaced by BioDare/BioDare2.
bullet Circadian modelling - User-friendly interface for numerical simulations using mathematical models of biological clocks. Includes many published clock models. Developed by Paul E. Brown.
bullet MetamorphTM journals - various image acquisition and analysis functions. Developed by Kieron Edwards and others.
bullet Visualisation tools. Display moving plots of 2 and 3D time series and limit cycles from our 2-loop and 3-loop Arabidopsis clock models. These programs require Matlab.

Pre-recorded simulations are also available as .AVI files for those without Matlab.

Developed by Paul E. Brown.

bullet IRC analysis - powerful mathematical analysis of circadian clock models, with links to updated software from Warwick Systems Biology Centre. Developed by David Rand with Boris Shulgin, Paul E. Brown and others.

Software on this site is provided free of charge for academic research without guarantees either explicit or implied, and subject to any license listed with or included with each package.

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