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The links on this page will take you to tutorials about the biological clock, from simple beginners' guides to more detailed summaries.

bulletSecondary school level.
Replicate of the 1996 Biological Clocks Tutorial from the NSF Center for Biological Timing. Includes some classroom activities. We are grateful to Gene Block and Hal Noakes at CBT for authorizing this site.
bulletUndergraduate level.
"The Time of Our Lives": tutorial focussing on the molecular genetics of biological clocks, by Jo Selwood, 2002.
bulletA practical guide to hands-on experiments.
Rhythms in organisms- An introduction for observing, experimenting, recording and analysing". Prof. Wolfgang Engelmann's 1999 web textbook details the equipment and methods required to monitor biological rhythms automatically. This is a modified mirror from his web site, http://bioclox.bot.biologie.uni-tuebingen.de, which also contains German versions and other web texts on clocks.
bullet Part I - Experimental design and details of methods, e.g. timelapse video recording.
bullet Part II - Examples of rhythms to test from plants, amoebae, animals and humans.
bullet Part III - Teaching about rhythms, with possible experiments for schools, universities and some for the home.

Note: each Part takes some time to load. Each Part has the full index and cross-references but only links within that Part will function. Alternatively:
bullet the whole text in one large (4.5MB) web page.



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