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The confused plant movie

Plant rhythms - captured live

Video of Leaf Movement The leaf movement video was taken using the Kujata imaging system over a period of 24 hours in 16 day old Arabidopsis seedlings. Individual images are taken 3 hours apart.

Click for a Kujata movie of ... rhythmic hypocotyl elongation (0.5 MB file), similar to Figure 1 of Mandy Dowson-Day's Plant Journal paper, 1999. Hypocotyls elongate in the subjective evening under constant light, and stop elongating in the morning.

ST361AN.GIF (12553 bytes)


   Rhythmic CAB:luciferase expression in a young plant (in false colour) - there's another leaf intruding at the top of the picture.

Click here for a luciferase movie showing an internally desynchronised tobacco plant under constant light, with its leaves free-running at opposite phases (from Simon Thain's Current Biology paper, 2000).

Note - all the video's are sections of primary experimental data, not special "Hollywood" scenes. You are welcome to use them so long as you acknowledge their provenance.

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